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Recent News
May-15-2020Update Batch #31 - Construction!
Anther week, another update! This update is very special because it brings us a new skill, Construction! That's not all though, we are also bringing. . .
May-07-2020Update Batch #30
Another update brought to you by the ScapeRune Dev team! Batch #30 is here. Two new quests have been released, Shilo Village and the Dig site. . .
May-04-2020Update Batch #29
It's been a while but Update Batch #29 is finally here. This update brings some new bug fixes, overhaul of some previous game systems and 4. . .
Feb-01-2020Update Batch #28
That's right, it's Update Batch #28! We are very proud to announce a full Treasure Trails overhaul, as well as two new Quests and much. . .