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The following extra files are available for download.

Note: You don't need to download any of these files to play ScapeRune (Unless you are a chrome user!). You can play the game directly in your web-browser by pressing "Play ScapeRune" on the front page!

The following files are bonus extras which are provided in addition to the game for players who want them.

These are the only official ScapeRune downloads. Unofficial downloads from other sites may contain viruses, keyloggers, etc., so if you want to run the game outside of your browser, we recommend to keep your account safe you only use the client from here.

Windows Client
Launch ScapeRune directly from your desktop, without all that browser clutter. Particularly useful for low-memory or low-resolution machines. (Requires Internet Explorer 6 or above)
Click Here to download. If you are having problems then look at our troubleshooting guide.


World Map (3rd July 2007)
Get the complete ScapeRune world map as an image. Right click on the "Download Now" link and click on "Save Target As..." to download.
Download Now

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