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Aug-28-2015 - Welcome to ScapeRune
On December 10th, 2007, Jagex released a major update changing RuneScape forever. This is known as the day the wilderness and free trade were removed. However, this was only the beginning. Little did we know it, this was considered the birth of a new era, and the death of the classical game which we all grew up spending multiple hours playing, grinding, and meeting new friends on was gone forever. Fast forward to the year of 2013, and a poll was cast by Jagex that ultimately led to the re-release of OldSchool RuneScape. This all started off wonderful, until Jagex let their power get the best of them. Update after update, the game we all truly love and had fought for fell apart right in front of our very eyes. This is where ScapeRune steps in to take over.

Our aspiration as a group of highly skilled & dedicated developers is to deliver a nostalgic gaming experience that was once offered in the early, vibrant life of RuneScape 2. ScapeRune is a very well known RuneScape emulator developed by the ScapeRune team that is built from scratch using raw NIO. Our server is the first in history known to create minimum garbage, which results in steady cycle times (Averaging .4ms) and memory usage under 30MB with 2,000 players (While still loading all data from the cache). It is based upon a wonderful era, the middle of Summer 2007. We believe that RuneScape played a very big part in all of our lives and that this era will give players enough content to keep things stirred up while still maintaining the nostalgic feeling that's often sought after. It is loaded with lots of memorable features such as but not limited to - Construction, Hunter, Warriors Guild, Stronghold Of Security, Lunar Diplomacy, Barbarian Assault, and much more.

It's time to give the real veteran players somewhere they can call home. We bring to you, ScapeRune.

Mods Storm, Mur, Michael, Ryan
The ScapeRune Development Team
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