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Sep-03-2015 - Behind the Scenes - September 2015
September is here and the air is getting cool, but guess what is very cool? The fact that September brings a lot of interesting updates and additions to both the game and the website.

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We have recently added a new face to our website development team, Mod Mur! - "I'm Mod Mur and I have been programming with Ryan since the beginning of the original OSRemake. I was asked to join in on the fun and after a lot of thought being put in to it, I finally agreed to help being assigned the role under the website development team alongside Mod Storm.". You can read Mod Murs bio here.

What has Mod Mur been doing since he has joined the website development team?

Recently, Mod Mur has been working on replicating the RuneScape appeal system and has done an excellent job in doing so. The system is nearly done, and should make Friday's update deadline. The system is expected to be launched this weekend, as there are just a few bits and piece left laying around that need to be put together to fully replicate the appealing system. How will it work? - If you receive an infraction/ban/mute on the forums or in-game, your account will automatically be updated with black marks. Depending on the severity, your offence either be marked as an 'appealable' state or 'unappealable'.

Submitting an apology/appeal.

Security Upgrades:

Mod Storm has been working endlessly on security upgrades since the launch of the website. The updates provided will ensure more website protection against all sorts of attacks and will be launched this weekend. The web development team would like to inform users that although the website looks done, it still contains potential bugs, typos, and incorrect details, so we would very much so appreciate any help that users can contribute such as informing us through the 'Message center' of any potential bugs/exploitations. Posting on the forums about any mistypes or incorrect details is also appreciated. Due to these issues, the web development team will be working endlessly to perfect every detail. A list of general updates you can expect to see this month has been compiled below.

General Updates:

  • Knowledge base updates/fixes/additions
  • Message center upgrades
  • A finished password recovery and tracking system
  • The release of the 'downloads' page
  • Several security updates
  • The release of the user quoting feature


This month our server development team will be working extremely hard to complete more free-to-play skills. Currently, crafting, mining, and woodcutting are all complete. The skills shown below are all that we have left in the Free to Play section, which we plan to pick a few from it this month and make an impact on:

  • Cooking
  • Fishing
  • Prayer
  • Firemaking
  • Smithing
  • Runecrafting

These skills will be completely replicated - we focus on even the smallest details such as correct sounds, animations, and messages.


With the release of our new cut scene system (as you have all seen), we will be able to fully replicate quests! We don't anticipate many quest releases this month; However, there may be a few basic quests completed (such as Cook's Assistant, Sheep Shearer, or Rune Mysteries).

Mods Storm, Mur, Michael, Ryan
The ScapeRune Development Team
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