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Oct-07-2015 - Behind the Scenes - October 2015
October is here and Halloween is near, but not even the spooky ghosts and ghouls can put a stop to our development. In the season for "trick or treat", we do have a few tricks up our sleeve that should prove to be quite the treat!

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We will be working extremely hard this month to recreate memorable quests that not only bring you flashes of nostalgia but also great rewards! Below we discuss our plans and would love to hear your input.

Demon Slayer
As a personal favorite quest between us developers, we will be working hard on Demon Slayer to assure the completion of it this month. As a quest with several cut-scenes, it will take more time and effort than most. Completing this piece of RuneScape history would be a great accomplishment for the ScapeRune team and put us one step closer to release.

Doric's Quest
Although it is one of the more simple quests in the game, the World of ScapeRune just wouldn't be complete without it! You can expect this one to be complete with lightning fast time and not a pixel away from perfect.

We will also be hard at work developing what is left of the Free-to-Play skills (firemaking, fishing, and runecrafting). Keep in mind that smithing and prayer are still in development, but are mostly wrapped up. Once all of the Free-to-Play skills are finished (and quests, of course), we will be looking into an appropriate beta release date.

First Poll
We have also been pondering hard on ways to bring the community closer in-game, and have come up with some solutions we would like to bring attention to. Many are issues people have discussed recently, and this is our way of showing that we listen and care. Everything will be brought up and handled in an appropriate manor, and we highly suggest you participate in it later on this week.

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