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Mar-01-2016 - Behind the Scenes - March 2016
It's been a day since Leap Year and March has arrived, however that won't stop us from leaping into the past! We have lots of exciting news to bring to the table this month that you all will be very pleased to hear.

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Following the beloved Demon Slayer (which you may view here), Dragon Slayer is next in line. With this being the largest scaled Free-to-Play quest, development may be slow but precise. This is not all we have in store however, as we will also be developing on Ernest the Chicken and Goblin Diplomacy.

Dragon Slayer
Requiring 32 Quest Points, this is not for the light of heart. However, if you are mighty enough to slay the dragon Elvarg of Crandor, the legendary Rune Platebody and Green D'Hide Body are wearable at your expense. As one of the most memorable quests from 2007, your nostalgic experience wouldn't be the same without it!

Ernest the Chicken
Veronica is very worried, and she has every right to be! Her beloved fiance went into a big spooky manor house to ask for directions and has yet to returned. Will you be their hero and save him?

Goblin Diplomacy
Trouble has broken out in Goblin Village! The goblins are at it again, and this time they are fighting over which colour they will wear. Help solve their dispute and you will be rewarded handsomely.

We are still hard at work preparing all of the Free-to-Play skills for release. You can check our progress on the Beta Info page for a better description as it is updated daily. For the most part, all of the basics have been implemented in. We are now focusing on all of the configuration work that follows.

Clan War
We know many of you are as anxious as ever to try out ScapeRune, and now may be your chance! After getting this request countless times, we are interested in the idea of hosting the server for a short period of time so a private group of members can participate in a clan war. We believe this will yield solid statistics of how our server responds under stress before the big release along with giving our followers an early taste of the server! If enough people are interested in participating, we plan to launch this idea into action sometime this month. More news will follow based on results in the next few weeks.

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The ScapeRune Development Team
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