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Jun-10-2017 - Behind the Scenes - June 2017
It's been quite awhile since the last Behind The Scenes was posted by our development team. Following the finale of the closed beta, and the count down for the public release on there just couldn't be a better time to inform our community as to what exactly we have been doing these past couple of months.

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Following the beloved Dragon Slayer (which you may view here), quest, which was the last quest in line to be completed before the development of members quests has been completed. You also may be pleased to know, we have actually completed a series of members quests already!

Druidic Ritual
Requiring no Quest Points, this novice quest was a must to be completed first as it unlocked the much loved Herblore skill, as well as 4 quest points, and 250 Herblore experience! As one of the most memorable quests at the beginning of your members adventure, your nostalgic experience wouldn't be the same without it!

Lost City
One of the more nostalgic quests has also been completed! Lost City, requiring 31 crafting and 36 woodcutting. Your ScapeRune adventure would not be the same without it as it allows you to use one of the most popular choices of player killing weapons, the dragon dagger. Good luck ;).

There have been many, many more members quests that have been completed. You can check out our beta information page to find out the details!

We are still working incredibly hard preparing all of the members skills for the eventual release of members content, however - this does not deter from the fact ALL Free-to-play skills have been completed and have been perfected.

Bank Pins
We know that account security is as important to you as it us, which is why we have released fully functioning bank pins! This includes shuffling pins, and resetting pins with appropriate timers. This was definitely an important piece of content that has finally been completed and we hope you're as excited about it as the development team is.

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