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Jul-06-2017 - Regarding Recent Events
Recently, our former Website Developer Mod Storm attacked the website. Since he's the one who owned the domain, he changed where it points to. We've combated this by getting the domain We're working on getting our previous domain back, though we cannot say for sure that we'll have it.

Storm has a copy of the database, which contains all of the accounts and their passwords. Our passwords are encrypted a variety of ways for safety which makes a hijack highly unlikely, but it is better to be safe than sorry. Because of this, we highly suggest everyone change their password as soon as possible to avoid any future issues.

The domain was changed, and because of this our old launcher no longer works as it ran off the .net domain. Please make sure you download the newest version to be able to play! You can find the launcher here.

Mods Ryan, Michael, Hektic & Cynic
The ScapeRune Development & Administration Team
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