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Dec-27-2017 - Clan Chat Poll
The results of this poll does not guarantee that Clan Chat will be added to the game, we simply wish to see where our community stands on the matter.

The ScapeRune Team has been focusing on ways to bring the community closer and increase player interaction while still keeping that "old school" vibe. We would like to ask you cast your vote in this new poll to get accurate results. The poll will be over which game-frame we should add Clan Chat to in the game with or to not add Clan Chat at all. The ScapeRune team would love to see honest opinions on the matter.

Why it's Important

In the large world of ScapeRune, there is a possibility to feel awful lonely at times. We have noticed a lot of new users specifically are having trouble finding company in the game and leaving before starting their adventure. Most of our users communicate through the Discord, but depending on an external applet for in-game activities can be a bit of a pain. By introducing Clan Chat, communication between the community across the game would be at your fingertips. The ScapeRune Team has acknowledged many followers of this project suggesting this feature and would like to shine some light upon it.

Game Interface

If we implemented Clan Chat, we would have two options:

Option A:

Option B:

Option A would keep the older game-frame by simply adding a Clan Chat icon into the empty tab. By going this route, we would maintain the nostalgic look and vibe to the server.

Option B would overhaul the game-frame into the correct one Jagex used upon the Clan Chat release (August 2007, one month after our revision). By going this route, we would maintain the traditional footsteps that we have always followed with this server.

Option C would be to leave it alone and not add Clan Chat.


We realize that some of this feature could potentially make ScapeRune stray from that "vanilla" feel to the game, which is the last thing we want. This is our way of seeing what our players are interested in and giving them the best experience possible. The ScapeRune Team is only here to make your dreams come true while providing enough content to last a lifetime.

Click here to place your vote.
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