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May-05-2019 - Update Batch #26 - More Quests!
Another long overdue update but we are back and are very excited to announce Update Batch #26! We hope you are all as excited as we are.

Recruitment Drive

The Temple Knights of Saradomin, a secret organisation founded many centuries ago by Saradomin himself, are currently looking to expand their ranks with some new blood.

After the successful thwarting of the Black Knights' plans to take over Asgarnia, and with the personal recommendation of Sir Amik, you have now been offered the chance to apply for membership in this organisation... but are you up to the challenge?

Dwarf Cannon

For several years now, the Dwarven Black Guard have been developing the lastest in projectile warfare.

With the constant attack of goblin renegades, the dwarven troops who protect the mines need to put this secret weapon into action.

Only with your help can the true power of this cannon be harnessed!

In Other News:

  • Prayer drain and the ability to pray-flick has been fixed

  • You will now gain Enchantment pizazz points for enchanting the shapes.

  • Thieving offsets for Guard, Knights, H.A.M. members and Men/Women have been changed

  • You can now pickpocket the woman in the Varrock bar

  • You can now remove the legs from swamp toads

  • Fixed a potential duel arena exploit

  • Infinity robes now have the correct decence level requirement

  • Fixed the Dragon Dagger special attack

  • Fixed an assortment of dialogue errors

  • Obtaining sap from trees now functions as intended.

  • Fixed various clue bugs regarding not being given one or obtaining too many

  • You can now cook curry

  • You may now steal beer from certain bars with the correct equipment

  • You may now smith Mithril grapple tips

  • You may now cook Jogre bones

  • Farming crops should now become diseased less often.

  • The Ice Queen's lair is now a multi-way zone with the correct spiders

  • Fight Caves will now spawn in a rotational sequence rather than randomly

  • You are now able to make and cook the following items: Potato with Butter, Cheese Potato, Chilli Potato, Egg Potato, Tuna Potato, Ugthanki kebab's and many more!

  • Full changes to the drop system. Over 80 noteworthy NPC's (such as Slayer creatures, Demons, Dragons, Tz-Haar creatures and Bosses) have had their drop tables redone using the new system as well as every other sub drop table (RDT, Seeds, Herbs etc) with many more to come!

  • Skill success formulas for Woodcutting, Fishing, Thieving and Mining have been reworked

  • Fixed an issue with the Barrows prayer drain

  • Various items have been correctly made untradeable

  • Various NPC spawns have been changed

Mods Ryan, Michael, Hektic, Calvin, David
The ScapeRune Development Team
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